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Bill Wichrowski, Captain of the Kodiak, the Bering Sea, March 2010

While other crab boat captains with lighter allowances and fewer shares loaded up and lit out of Dutch Harbor, Wild Bill was still hauling gear and making deliveries from late March into early April, 2010. This is a rare quiet morning in port, with a visiting raptor keeping a close eye on the gear.

Finish to go.

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After taking a beating from the Discovery editors in the show, and the partisan fans on the boards, Bill managed to get a couple of minutes on camera that weren't cherrypicked from the worst part of the week...!

Looks like Bill had a great time at CatchCon.
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Cruising around the old ruins, before heading back to Seattle for the CatchCon. Crab season just ending--herring season around the corner, salmon kicking off after that.

Up on the big bay, down Sonora way.

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The season is over, the crossing is made, and the boat is in the barn down Seattle way, so the Captain is finally on his way home!

Been a long haul.
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Recreational fishing in the rather warmer waters of the Sea of Cortez off San Carlos, Sonora.

Follow Bill long enough during his time off from fishing...and you'll find him fishing.
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Wild Bill captained other vessels before the Kodiak--for many years he ran the Sandra 5 during the Derby Years before 'Rationalization'.

A pair of big ones...

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Bringing in the pots at the end of the season

The Kodiak in the harbor, stacked.
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Season Six, it has started! Where's Wild Bill? Still on the Kodiak, steering her somewhere in the middle of the Gulf of Alaska toward home port. The season ends, but the work goes on.


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